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"Do that for me, Rose."

Doctor Who Series 1: The Parting of The Ways

the feels!

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"And you know what? So was I!"

NNIIIIINNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!! i miss you!

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There are new Doctor Who-related cake and candy moulds.

Out of Lakeland in the UK.

We are putting in our order for the 50th, international shipping be damned.

LIfe just got legit


dam thats hot


dam thats hot

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The Doctor as he appears in Marvel comics.

eerrhhhmagerddd i need these comics!!!

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if weeping angels only move when you’re not looking, then nobody has ever seen the way they move… so for all we know, they could skip or twirl or aggressively chicken dance toward a person, just really quickly…

the twerking angels

maybe the reason they’re always weeping is because no one ever sees their sick moves

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My fandom is Doctor Who. i love everything about it, how the episodes suck me into their stories, how my heart connects to the characters and how the Doctor takes me into the TARDIS and on to an adventure. i also have a love for Marvel and DC superheros, preferably marvel, as my favorite heroes are Iron Man, Captain America, and Loki. DC my favorites are Green Lantern, Batman, and Robin. im not sure what to write now, but i will come up with more later.